Where is the test site and how can I use it?

The URL for our test website:

Contrast that with our production site:


Logging in

Your username on this site is typically the same as the production site. If you are new to using the test site, you will probably have to reset your password. Just like in production, if you need to do that, follow the 'Having trouble signing in?' link from the sign in page you will be directed to after visiting secure.mbctestweb.com .

Since the test system is separate from production, your passwords can also be different. To reduce confusion, it may help to manually set your password on the test system to be the same one you use in the production system.


How it works

The test website is a sandbox that is used, unsurprisingly, for testing purposes. That means you can safely poke around, create things, order bonds, etc., without affecting production, or charging any money to anyone. This makes the test site ideal for demoing website features for our customers.

Be aware, though, that the test site is a little less stable than production since we are pushing changes to it constantly. New features that we are building show up on the test site before deploying to production, so you may notice features there from time to time that aren't available on production yet.

The test site is available outside of our network, so you can access it while visiting agencies.

Visually, you will know when you are on the test site, and not production, because the company logo looks very different: a jarring red and yellow version of our company logo with the words 'test system' in it. You can also scan the URL of the page you are on to see if it is 'secure.mbctestweb' or 'secure.merchantsbonding'.

Some of the data on the test site are actual data copied from the production site; the rest are made up or heavily modified from production data. To make it easier to find things, we try to ensure that major accounts from the production system, such as Holmes-Murphy, remain on the test site, so if you have permissions to delete agencies, please don't delete that one.

To be conservative, it's safest to only delete data that you add there yourself. Deleting anything you didn't create yourself from the test site won't affect our customers, but could adversely affect other testers here at Merchants.

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